Changed My Major To Fashion Design

Changed My Major To Fashion Design

I changed my major to Fashion Design for multiple reason , mainly because I figured I have the patience to teach myself Graphic Design plus I have an interview with Complex Magazine as a Graphic Design Intern . Getting that extra help from the magazine should teach me a better hands on experience than a regular school . If I learned the basics of Fashion Design I could possibly expand my business…

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Rooftop Photoshoot w/ Agency Model Morgan Fries

Rooftop Photoshoot w/ Agency Model Morgan Fries

Another successful photoshoot , that’s 2 in one week I’m just mad late to posting this . But I did a photoshoot with a new friend from my school . We was chillen up in the rooftop in Brooklyn Heights and 5minutes later it turned into a photoshoot . Morgan is a NYC Adam Model living in BK , I met her in the elevator at school . Tell me what you think about these new photos . I told her to sell me…

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